Children with autism learn based on intensity of programming thus the more time your child is engaged in active learning, the more opportunity exists for acquiring and generalizing learned skills. Inclusion into natural settings such as small groups, school, social and community settings is also opportune for acquiring better coping skills and enhance learning.

All our therapy is data driven and supervision of treatment plan a priority. We generate monthly progress reports, charts and documentation to directly monitor your child’s progress. Parent Meetings are scheduled with family on a monthly basis to review progress charted, discuss future programming and address questions or concerns the family may have.

Programming supervised by Dr. James Porter. C. Psych, BCBA, an approved OAP Provider.


% Evidence Based


% Best Practices


% Individualized


% Accountable

  • “My wife and I are extremely pleased with the meetings and reports on our son's progress. We are always kept informed and our advice always sought before changes are made to programming. It is wonderful this provider is so committed to my son's learning, we only wish we had approached them sooner. Imagine the gains for our little precious one.”

    Oak Ridges