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Supported Inclusion
Inclusion of a child with developmental delays into a classroom has its challenges. Research shows children with autism make little gains in a regular classroom without proper support. Given IBI in the classroom is impractical and often not part of the school mandate, we collaborate with the school to identify and target your child’s areas of need. We then   structure supported inclusion by developing an individualized plan targeting these areas, and implement strategies to reduce interfering behaviours. With classroom teacher cooperation, classroom introduced interventions that benefit the whole class as well as your child, is also recommended. Targets range from following routine in classrooms, to attending, peer interaction and successful completion of classroom assignments in a group or independently.

Once an individualized plan is developed and approved by teacher and school, a therapist ideally attends at the school at the teacher’s convenience, and supports your child in the classroom on a predetermined schedule. As your child’s performance increases and behaviours decrease, your child must attain set criteria for mastery of targeted skills before we begin to fade out of the classroom. During this time monthly meetings with the teacher/school to monitor progress are recommended on a per need basis, and subject to your child’s progress.
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