Specialized ABA Based Services

ABA, IBI & Verbal Therapy

Home Based

Home based therapy is the same as Centre based with the exception of the social component that exists at the centre. A separate room is recommended for the therapy. Your child’s Senior Therapist will provide useful feedback on how to set up the room.

ABA, IBI & Verbal Therapy

Centre Based Services

Centre Based Services follows the same format as with Home Based Services except that services are provided at the centre. An added benefit of Centre Based services is the increased opportunity for social interaction with peers, and access to small group instruction and other settings that involve peers.This is especially beneficial when your child has particular difficulty socially as well as adapting in a group settings.

Social Skills

In addition to social skills taught in programming, we have a comprehensive six week social skills program on Saturdays 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. which is offered four times a year (winter, spring, summer, fall). This program is designed to target social interaction with peers and is taught in a small group setting in contrived and unstructured play situations. Children with autism have significant delays in their ability to have positive peer relationships and show less interest in their peers as well as reduced spontaneous play with peers.

Direct Instruction

Direct Instruction is a teacher-directed instructional method of carefully outlined lessons where nothing is left to chance. Each skill is taught then practiced until it is fully understood. The skill/concept is considered mastered when the child can apply it effortlessly. We teach and enhance the curriculum with Direct Instruction teaching for language and math.

Academic Tutoring (for all children up to Grade 8)

We offer a wide range of tutoring services up to and including Grade 8. These services are offered at the centre as well as in the home. Our tutoring services cover all curriculum subjects which of course, can compliment the current school lessons, or prime your child on subjects they have difficulty with.

Supported Inclusion

Inclusion of a child with developmental delays into a classroom has its challenges. Research shows children with autism make little gains in a regular classroom without proper support. Given IBI in the classroom is impractical and often not part of the school mandate, we collaborate with the school to identify and target your child’s areas of need and how best to meet them in a classroom setting. We then structure supported inclusion, if allowed, by developing an individualized plan for your child targeting these areas, and recommend strategies to reduce any challenging behaviours that may be interfering with your child’s learning in the school setting.

Day Care Support/Consultation

We collaborate with daycares in transitioning and supporting your child in this setting. Some daycares will provide separate facilities for IBI programming when necessary, however when this is not viable, other options are recommended to ensure your child’s inclusion into the daycare setting is maximized.

School Consulting

We provide consultations with school officials and make recommendations (see Supported Inclusion) based on your child’s needs. When discussing IEPs, we need to ensure the goals are realistic, measureable and achievable for your child, and are consistent with their needs. We encourage teachers and EAs to attend at the centre/home to observe your child in an IBI setting (1:1) as well as during our classroom readiness program in a natural setting. Collaboration across environments is crucial as common goals lead to increased learning.

Classroom Instruction (Ages 3+) EARLY LEARNERS & PRIMARY INSTRUCTION

Our classroom instruction classes are small group (4-6 children) specialized preparatory classes focusing on readiness skills which are crucial for a school setting. We take an ABA approach at teaching to nurture and support those children who need more guidance in this area. The classes are run by a lead teacher and two support.

Please enquire about these classes if your child struggles in school sitting in circle, transitioning and having difficulty following instructions or routines.

Respite Services

This service is provided at the centre, home or in the community. Qualified and experienced workers establish positive relationships with clients following directives from the family, or care givers. We provide both structures and unstructured respite based on your child’s needs and your expectations.

Specialized Trainings

Endless PossABILITIES offers a comprehensive Specialized parent/caregiver training program to educate, teach and guide the parents and caregivers on issues they need guidance with. This program teaches effective management strategies and the use of tools to teach your child to self-regulate by using effective coping strategies.

This program typically is 18 hours in duration spread over a number of weeks and involves teaching, modeling, observing, homework (readings, data collection, video, etc.) and feedback. Skills taught range from understanding the functions of challenging behaviours, giving effective instructions, following through and most importantly, reinforcement.

Assessment Clinic

Our assessment clinic services all children receiving ABA/IBI treatment at our centre as well as psychological assessments (diagnostic, psycho educational, etc. ) through special appointment. Be sure to book well in advance for a diagnostic assessment.

It is recommended children with special needs have a psychological re-assessment on the recommendation of their supervising psychologist, or every three years or so, to monitor their progress.

Professional Consultations

Endless PossABILITIES offers Speech & Language Pathologist and Occupational Therapist consultations for those families wishing to access these services.

Please enquire about these options if this is something you would like for your child as part of their programming.